I would like to first start by thanking Bianca for her tireless support and guidance. Due to numerous injuries and my inability to remain physically healthy I sought out a new method of training. Bianca was able to identify the many weaknesses and bad habits I had formed over years of improper training and physical trauma. After fully understanding and addressing all of these issues as well as discussing my goals and expectations, she developed a unique and very individualized program. I was amazed with her ability to not only explain each exercise, but to actually help me to activate the muscles the exercise was intended for. Every training session has great purpose and flow. I saw immediate improvements and more importantly I felt great. My core strength and flexibility have never been better and the functionality of my body has improved considerably. Bianca takes great pride in her work and really cares for each person that she trains. All of these attributes make me feel extremely comfortable recommending her to any athlete or person looking for a training method that actually works!

-Rick DiPietro, NHL, Brookville

I first came to Bianca in June, 2014 on the recommendation of my sister, doctor, and physical therapist. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease 20 years ago. I have been in and out of physical therapy for the last 6 years. My doctor told me that exercise is the key with this disease. I will always have times when my back goes out, but they will be fewer and farther between and my recovery time will be less if I exercise.

I tried yoga first, but got tendonitis in my shoulders. In 2013 the tendonitis in my left shoulder became a frozen shoulder. This stopped almost all exercising during the pain and frozen stages. The most I could handle was gentle stretches and manipulation by the physical therapist for months.

Now in 2014 because I was compensating and couldn’t exercise, my back went out again. So now I was in physical therapy for my shoulder and back.   I finally got up to the stage of being able to swim, not well but move enough to get back in the pool. My sister began her lesson with Bianca and recommended that I try. My doctor recommended yoga and pilates. Since yoga didn’t go so well, I thought I would try Pilates. With the approval of my physical therapist I went.

Bianca was a fresh of breath air. She listened to my long history and assessed what I needed. She took time to explain to me what she thought was going on, how my body was compensating, and what she could do to help. She modified my exercise routine to compensate for my frozen shoulder, finally now in the thaw stage.

I had joined the gym to swim and had originally thought of just doing one of their Pilates classes. I am very grateful I did not. Working with Bianca I have realized that I would have caused myself more injuries. Having individual lesson is the way I needed to go. Bianca carefully watches my form, corrects me not just by words, but also by showing me and guiding my body to make sure I am doing the exercise correctly. When I need she will also massages any tight muscles, which help tremendously. Her hands should be bronzed.

Bianca has a wonderful philosophy, combining body, mind, and soul. There were times that I would go to my session and just be exhausted from work and home. I knew I had to exercise, but wasn’t sure if I was up to it. Instead of a full physical workout, we would do mild stretches and mediation. Helping me to center and rejuvenate.

Bianca has also done Reiki on me. There are times when I feel pain (hip, groin, knee, foot, upper back) and I am not sure if I am compensating for my back or if it is a real issue with another part of my body. I was not sure it would help, but I was willing to try most anything to feel better. Reiki helped more than I thought it would. It has helped me to be in touch with my body and know what I am actually feeling. It is an indescribably feeling when you connect to someone’s energy without them touching you and feel better because of it.

I cannot say enough about Bianca and her teachings. She has truly impacted my life in such a positive manner. I can say because of her I not only feel physically better, but also spiritually better. My outlook with my physical limitations has changed. I still need to be reminded to slow down and take it easy, but because of her I feel able to deal with my physical issues more easily.

-Laura Okrent, Mineola

Bianca is such a diverse Pilates instructor. She is the perfect combination of tough and compassionate. I experienced many challenging mat classes with her and they were truly intense and body changing, her encouragement got me through. I saw results immediately with how strong my core felt. I also watched many reformer sessions while she trained my husband and each time it was crazy to see the improvement of movement in his body. She developed an interest in his body and it was clear each session had a purpose. With each training he got stronger, more focused and aware of his body and muscles. Bianca is focused and dedicated to Pilates and I truly enjoy watching her in action.

-Cassandra DiPietro, Brookville

Bianca Velez is a thoughtful, insightful Pilates instructor. I improved my form, balance and confidence under her direction. She is encouraging and helpful in achieving your potential. She is perfect for this field, that she so strongly believes in.

Janet Curtin, Garden City

Bianca is an amazing instructor! She develops instant rapport with clients and makes them feel completely comfortable. Bianca is a great motivator and gets the most out of people through her fantastic encouragement. She makes working out fun! She is a natural teacher and Pilates with Bianca is a must for anyone who wants to improve their core strength, flexibility, or conditioning.

-Angela Raimo, Glen Cove

From the time I was a teenager up until now where I have three teenagers of my own, working out has always been a very big part of my life.I have experienced various forms of exercise that included dancing, gym, yoga, biking, just to name a few. Once I began taking Pilates classes in 2005, I was convinced that this is by far one of the most amazing forms of toning and strengthening exercise out there. Yet just as amazing as Pilates is, I realized that it is absolutely essential to have an experienced and knowledgable instructor. Bianca Velez has been my Pilates instructor since 2009. Bianca’s expertise was quickly evident in how well she assessed my ability and provided movements utilizing the many different apparatuses and equipment to maximize the physical outcome. Bianca’s fast yet fluid pace, coupled with her knowledge of Pilates form and technique, is demonstrated consistently. I not only feel the difference from taking Bianca’s classes….I see the difference! It is through working with Bianca, that I am now in the best shape of my life.

-Gail Grubman, Port Washington

Bianca is inspiring!  Her dedication is constant and her love of Pilates carries over into everything she does.  She quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses and worked with me so that I got the most out of my Pilates classes.  She helped me focus attention to my form and helped me understand how get the most from my workouts.She is an awesome instructor.

-Amy Rubenstein, Port Washington