It can be easy to feel like life is running away with us. Each day filled with so many things. The roles that women have, seem to be endlessly multiplying. The chatter- the worry- spinning around in our heads, drags on and on.

As much as it may seem like this is just the “way things need to be” there is an alternative – a completely different way of moving through the world. What it takes is dialing down the noise of the outside world a bit and tuning in to your inner receptivity.

There is an inner world, a knowing deep inside- one that sees beyond all of the problems brought to you by your rational mind. It is a voice that offers you solutions- that are clear, simple, and easy. Your inner knowing is slow, steady, and powerfully insightful. In a world where we are plagued with endless decision making, it has the power to change everything. Giving you the next step, of each thing you must do to live with ease, and grace.

Let me try to illustrate this for you, to see if I can make it clearer…

A few years ago I was in a complicated situation. I was expecting my first child, while in the middle of graduate school, without a partner, and stuck with a tremendous amount of school debt. I had very little idea of how to move forward. Each morning I woke up confused, and a little amiss about how to proceed.

For as much anxiety, fear, and frustration as my situation presented, my inner knowing had a plan for me. From a deep still place within something stirred- somehow, I knew that I would start a business; that someone was going to come into my life to help me create that business; and that the business that I created would eventually grow, and evolve and change form. My job at that point, was to keep a watchful eye out for opportunities, and so i did.
Months later, after the birth of my beautiful baby girl, the attending pediatrician at the hospital where I gave birth, and I became friendly. Several months after that, I decided that I liked her so much I changed practices to have her as my daughter’s pediatrician, and a short time after that, she invited me to open a space within her Wellness Center to teach Pilates. From there I started my Pilates business, serving the community around her Wellness Center, teaching Pilates, pre and postnatal Pilates, and Mommy Baby classes. I also decided to serve Mothers, by making it possible for babies and toddlers to come to any class.

4 years later, my business is expanding. I am bringing together my knowledge of psychology (what I had been studying in grad school), the Spirit (from my undergraduate studies in religion), ecology, and the body to dive deeper into understanding the building blocks of change and transformation to create revolutionary experiences, workshops, and retreats, that help people become the most powerful version of themselves possible.

What I have learned is that the more I trust my inner voice the easier and happier my life becomes. What is challenging is never the advice I receive from my inner knowing, it’s dropping the fear of change, and the idea that life and success do not have to be a struggle.

How does one become receptive and hear their inner voice?

There are probably many ways. For me a clear path has come through merging the mind with the body- or building present time consciousness. As a Pilates instructor I see this time and again- that bringing the mind together with the body, helps clients feel more at ease in their life, address issues that have bothered them for years. That said- It doesn’t have to be Pilates- dance, do yoga, meditate, practice tai chi. Move in a way that corresponds with your Spirit. See what you feel. Notice everything, become more aware.

The more your awareness grows, the more you will begin to hear the voice of your inner knowing expand. Then suddenly you will know exactly what spices to pick up from the grocery store that perfectly compliment the dinner you get inspired to make, when to pick up your child from camp- even though it isn’t actually time yet, or when you might have a few extra minutes- even though the clock is telling you it’s time to go. Your inner voice can tell you how to cut time in traffic (often much better than waze can), who to sit next to at an important meeting, or to slow your roll walking up the street because you’re about to meet someone who can help you.

Your inner voice is your greatest resource. It is your ticket to sanity and grace, nudging you away from the crazy pace of the rat race, and into a life with more grace balance and serenity.