Make a Healthy Home in Your Body

Class Schedule

Monday 9:00 AM                  Tower Pilates


Monday 3:15 PM                  KIDS Class

Wednesday 9:00 AM               Pilates Express

Friday 5:00 PM                     Tribe Class

Sunday 10:00 AM                Tower Class


*Tribe Class Is a unique blend of Pilates, Meditation, and Nourishing the spirits through supportive communal bonds 

"I Love your class😍 I always feel so much more energized physically and mentally after completing your class. And like I mentioned before your voice itself is so relaxing 😁 So Happy to be part of your class , thank you!"

Cheryl Donnelly

"Bianca is an amazing teacher! She creates such a peaceful environment and I always leave her class feeling great and full of energy."

Tiffany Asadourian

"Bianca is a wonderful instructor and incredibly accommodating for new mothers. She has given me a wonderful opportunity to get back into my workout routine without worrying about my new baby!! She has also created a wonderful environment to meet other moms, get to know new people and get a rigorous Pilates workout!"

Kate P

"I stared to work with Bianca when she opened her business in the Happy and Healthy Wellness Center. I was VERY impressed with her calm confident style of teaching! I think Bianca is someone who can "break it down" into bite-sized chunks and "read" the students to know when they get lost and need more coaching. Her equipment looks like it was made for torture, but really it is exactly the opposite. She has been both knowledgeable and graceful in modifying exercises as necessary. I think Bianca has both the expertise, passion, and patience as a GREAT coach and instructor for anyone interested in working on/with their body and mind in this discipline."

Rebecca K

"I love Bianca Velez's classes so much! The Family Membership online program has been extremely valuable to me. The variety and energy is ideal. Try out this great platform, you won't be disappointed!"

Jennifer Porter

"I have been working with Bianca for a few months now and she really is an amazing Pilates instructor! To be able to work out for 30 minutes (Pilates Express) and feel sore the next day is pretty impressive. She really works to your capabilities and level and always pushes you to get the best workout in you can. I have definitely noticed a difference in my body specifically my stomach and legs. She also gives you a lot of exercises that you can do at home. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to tone their bodies and get in a great workout. She's awesome!"

Amy P.

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