What you can expect from Find the Midline

The rewards Pilates has to offer are truly magical, a toned body, the development of long lean muscle mass, improved flexibility, coordination, and a mind body connection that is centering, if not revolutionary to your wellbeing. Find the Midline is a journey into classical Pilates, but it includes much more. Central to our focus is helping each of our clients to rule their world from the inside out. Life can be overwhelming, particularly for us moms, as we attempt to get it all done. We are constantly multi- tasking, with busy jobs, kids, careers, and family. We have numerous critically important matters to take care of. However, taking the time needed to nourish yourself is single handedly the most important thing you can do to improve your state of mind, and the condition of everything else in your life. When we thrive from the center of our being we get things done, and feel balanced and secure doing it. For this reason we additionally offer Reiki, meditation, and spiritual coaching. We work with essential oils/ aromatherapy, and have incorporated kids yoga and meditation, to help give our children some of the key elements needed in building a great foundation for a bright future.

Personal Story

When I was born, my Puerto Rican grandmother, known as a healer in her village, predicted that I would share her gifts. Years later, while attending a prayer group, I was singled out by a Native American savant as one destined to follow the shamanic path. But it took a long time, and many cycles of seeking and learning, before I found my true calling.

From the time I was a young girl, I struggled with a negative body image, resulting in eating disorders. I tried everything to heal myself, from Weight Watchers and tai chi to hypnosis and yoga. During my first year of college at Georgetown, I succumbed to anorexia, and then bulimia. I dropped 40 pounds, and gave up all hope of positive change. After taking time off, I decided to attend Colorado College, where I studied environmental science. I immersed myself in nature, going backpacking and training as a wilderness guide. This connection to the great outdoors proved to be very grounding and healing.

While out west, I attended a pow-wow, where I was invited to begin an apprenticeship with a shaman. On this amazing journey, I learned Hopi cosmology, how to hold ceremony and make medicine. I was given a Hopi name and a personal pipe. Renewed and strengthened, I followed my inner guidance and eventually returned to Georgetown where I studied religion and psychology. During that time, I maintained my connection to the earth by working in an organic garden, and returned periodically to Colorado to continue my shamanic training.

After I finished my undergraduate studies, I made my way in the world of television production and, ultimately, co-produced a show for CBS that was akin to a bilingual American Idol. I then worked on a wide variety of productions, including volunteer events for humanitarian causes. I enjoyed the creative aspects of production and the collaboration required to bring a director’s vision to life. Although I loved this work, I knew I was destined for something more. During a sweat lodge, I offered up a prayer that I would find a way to be of service to others and to the planet.

Around this time, I discovered Pilates and it became an important healing modality for me—one that changed not only my sense of my body but my relationship with myself in the world. I was moved to become a teacher in order to help others achieve this powerful transformation. At Find the Midline, I work with clients to develop a centering mind-body connection. I also offer energy healing, meditation and spiritual coaching.

I believe that healing our bodies is an essential step toward connecting to, and healing, the earth. Taru is the convergence of my lifelong passion for spirituality and nature and my expertise in production and movement. It represents everything I have learned and still hope to discover.

What you seek is seeking you. — Rumi