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When I was born, my Puerto Rican grandmother, known as a healer in her village, predicted that I would share her gifts. Years later, while attending a prayer group, I was singled out by another healer as one destined to follow the shamanic path. it took a long time, however, and many cycles of seeking and learning, before I found my true calling.

From the time I was a young girl, I struggled with a negative body image, resulting in eating disorders. I tried everything to heal myself, from Weight Watchers and tai chi to hypnosis and yoga. During my first year of college at Georgetown, I succumbed to anorexia, and then bulimia. I dropped 40 pounds, and gave up all hope of positive change. After taking time off, I decided to attend Colorado College, where I studied environmental science. I immersed myself in nature, going backpacking and training as a wilderness guide. This connection to the great outdoors proved to be very grounding and healing.

While out west, I was invited to begin an apprenticeship with a shaman. On this amazing journey, I learned Hopi cosmology, how to hold ceremony and make medicine. I was given a Hopi name and a personal pipe. Renewed and strengthened, I followed my inner guidance and eventually returned to Georgetown where I studied religion and psychology. During that time, I maintained my connection to the earth by working in an organic garden, and returned periodically to Colorado to continue my shamanic training.

After I finished my undergraduate studies, I made my way in the world of television production and, ultimately, co-produced a show for CBS that was akin to a bilingual American Idol. I then worked on a wide variety of productions, including volunteer events for humanitarian causes. I enjoyed the creative aspects of production and the collaboration required to bring a director’s vision to life. Although I loved this work, I knew I was destined for something more. During a sweat lodge, I offered up a prayer that I would find a way to be of service to others and to the planet.

Around this time, I discovered Pilates and it became an important healing modality for me—one that changed not only my sense of my body but my relationship with myself in the world. I was moved to become a teacher in order to help others achieve this powerful transformation. At Find the Midline, I work with clients to develop a centering mind-body connection. I also offer energy healing, meditation and spiritual coaching.

I believe that healing our bodies is an essential step toward connecting to, and healing, the earth. Taru is the convergence of my lifelong passion for spirituality and nature and my expertise in production and movement. It represents everything I have learned and still hope to discover.

What you seek is seeking you. — Rumi












Free Cleanse

My Summer cleanse is over, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of all it has to offer. Click below to sign up, and you can walk through the journey reaping it's benefits at any time.  

It is Summer ! Time of fire, and taking charge of all that we wish to manifest. Summer is the time to cultivate our seeds and do the work necessary for growth. Sometimes talking charge of our lives to see the change that we want can be daunting. This cleanse will give you support for 

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What's included:

This online cleanse will be a be a little like going on retreat, except you'll still be in your living room...

  • You'll make new friends, have a place to be heard and feel supported.
  • Discover the transformational effects of gut health.
  • Have a better understanding of brain fog, and what is sometimes referred to as “mommy brain”.
  • Move your body everyday!
  • Discover that it is possible to make time for yourself. Yes!
  • Feel the benefit of engaging in a healthy morning routine. 

Here are some of the things last years participants had to say about their experience with this Mind Body Spirit Cleanse:


 “Loved the Experience! Loved everyone’s posts! Learned to eat differently, healthier! I lost 6 pounds!!! Very proud of myself! Never thought I could do it!”

“Staying strong! Thanks for the great start to a new life! I feel amazing!!”

“Thank you!! I've been upping my self care and this has been the catalyst. I lost 6 pounds!”

“Can't thank you enough for giving us so much! I'm really proud of all of us for doing this together and it certainly was easier having the group! I think this cleanse is helping me identify how each food makes me feel!"

 "It's so amazing!!!! Thank you so much for your time."

"I definitely have a different appreciation of food and the amount of sugar in things. I am going to keep sugar free as long as possible and hopefully limit the other things significantly more than in the past. Thanks again this was a great experience."

 "I am just so thankful for this kick in the butt! Thank you Bianca and each of you warriors! It's great and I feel much less sleepy in the am."

 "Happy, relaxed Monday morning. Thank’s for your guidance always. Thank you so much for your time. This is so amazing!!!!"

 "Thank you for all of your time - wisdom - energy. And to all who were on this journey- happy trails - until we meet again!"

"Thank you!! I loved the details!!"



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