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Get grounded in your Personal Power by connecting to the Earth, following the wisdom of the seasons, practicing ritual, meditation, Pilates, and artful self-care.

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What's included:

This online cleanse will be a be a little like going on retreat, except you'll still be in your living room...

  • You'll make new friends, have a place to be heard and feel supported.
  • Discover the transformational effects of gut health.
  • Have a better understanding of brain fog, and what is sometimes referred to as “mommy brain”.
  • Move your body everyday!
  • Discover that it is possible to make time for yourself. Yes!
  • Feel the benefit of engaging in a healthy morning routine. 
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Here are some of the things last years participants had to say about their experience with this Mind Body Spirit Cleanse:


 “Loved the Experience! Loved everyone’s posts! Learned to eat differently, healthier! I lost 6 pounds!!! Very proud of myself! Never thought I could do it!”

“Staying strong! Thanks for the great start to a new life! I feel amazing!!”

“Thank you!! I've been upping my self care and this has been the catalyst. I lost 6 pounds!”

“Can't thank you enough for giving us so much! I'm really proud of all of us for doing this together and it certainly was easier having the group! I think this cleanse is helping me identify how each food makes me feel!"

 "It's so amazing!!!! Thank you so much for your time."

"I definitely have a different appreciation of food and the amount of sugar in things. I am going to keep sugar free as long as possible and hopefully limit the other things significantly more than in the past. Thanks again this was a great experience."

 "I am just so thankful for this kick in the butt! Thank you Bianca and each of you warriors! It's great and I feel much less sleepy in the am."

 "Happy, relaxed Monday morning. Thank’s for your guidance always. Thank you so much for your time. This is so amazing!!!!"

 "Thank you for all of your time - wisdom - energy. And to all who were on this journey- happy trails - until we meet again!"

"Thank you!! I loved the details!!"


How do we make change ?

Real, lasting change...

comes from the inside out.

The patterns we see ourselves repeating over and over again reside within our soma (body) and the subconscious mind. By listening deeply and bringing the conscious mind into the present, we can become aware of the habitual ways in which we interact with the world, and begin to create real freedom. In this way, choosing the life that we want, and shaping the lens with which we view our reality.  

In my online membership program you will receive videos for daily meditation and Pilates workouts designed to help you connect deeply with your body. Through establishing this embodied connection, and inner intimacy, you will learn to navigate life from the inside out. The results of this inner work, are profoundly transformational, making way for the opportunity to dance with life in an effortless unfolding,  


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I would love to be your guide ...

it is far too easy to let the hustle and bustle of life carry us away from our dreams, distract us from what we truly want, and to not make the time necessary to live out our greatest passions. The pace of time can seems to move ever faster and opportunities can seem to evaporate through our fingertips. This is why we all need a powerful North Star, a guiding light, an inner Polaris, leading us to the future we choose.
Our North Star it is a kind of credo to ourselves, an emblem, a vision of exactly who we want to be, and where we want to go; it contains the feelings we want to feel, and the experiences we want to have. Our North Star, is what we stand for, because our desires are like seeds planted in us at at birth, they are the whispers of our destiny, and contain our purpose. The clearer we become, about who we are, and what we want, the more powerfully we can be guided by our inner North Star. It becomes like a magnet, pulling us into a future that is most in alignment with our heart.


I would love to be your guide in getting clear. Your purpose is uniquely your own, and the world needs your special gift.


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a series of step by step videos to lay a beautiful foundation for your new house. Learn techniques to relax the hips, protect the lower back, strengthen your core, support your neck, address tight hamstrings and keep your shoulders aligned. 

"The Mind when housed within a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of power." - Joseph Pilates