Your Inner Home in the Holidays

At a certain point last year I went through some serious heartache. We all go through it at one time or another. The blessing of heartache is that it expands us, we grow. During this time of emotional turmoil I needed a way of grounding my energy, a way to step out of my desire for control, and to quiet the noise of my fear. I increased my meditation time to 20 minutes twice a day. Adopting this habit changed my life. As I came to spend more time with my feelings rather than run away from them, I began to tap into something I call my inner home space. A place within where I could be deeply in touch with the narrative or story of all that was occurring in my life, yet also separate from stress, drama, and negative feelings. It’s hard to describe, but spending time in this inner home space, felt something like tapping into the eternal me or the largest version of myself- before childhood hurts, and before donning the roles we often get ushered into in life. It was very healing, and I think you might find it healing too.

On the main page of my website, you can also click here, I’ve posted a guided meditation for finding your inner home space. With all of the crazy that can come at this time of year, this meditation will serve as a good way to step out of stress, worry, confusion or rushed energy and into the strength of your own vibration!

Free Guided Meditation

I love hearing from you. If you find you need additional guidance or support, know you can reach out.

Much love,


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