When it hurts so bad



I’ve had a some experiences in the past few weeks that have me thinking a lot about pain, physical, mental, and emotional. My strong warrior solider of a mom is recuperating from an excruciatingly painful back surgery; I also have a few members of the Find the Midline community that have reached out for help from the chaos of transition, and the deep squeeze of emotional pain that that can bring.

Pain often comes in what feels like tidal waves. It comes when we need change, it comes for no reason at all, but when it comes it wakes us up.

Just like your nervous system alerts you when you are too close to the stove, pain resoundingly calls our attention.


In a strange way, there are few moments in life when we are more alive than when we are in the depths of harrowing pain.


Everything in us wants an escape, but the more we resist, the stronger it gets.

Pain Meditation here ...

 Research on pain, (consider this article from Psychology Today) is...

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