Dance Like No One is Watching - an Exercise in Listening

 I think of Winter as the perfect time to embrace much needed quiet, a time for inner work, slowing down, and making space for deep meditation. If I get down to the basics, however, of why I would do any of those things, I believe the most important practice of Winter, is Listening.

Prevailing culture teaches us so much about action and logic; we think our way through things, or at least we try, inefficiently. Perpetual action, and loops of thinking cannot take us where we want to go if we don’t make time to experience our life on a deeper level. Perhaps that sounds funny. It should seem automatic that we know what is happening in our life. Life moves fast. Our electronics, entertainment, and myriads of distraction, make it feel like it is moving even faster.

Listening, deeply listening, is a lost art. I’m not talking about communication skills, or the kind of listening we do in relation to another person. Although those are important, I’m talking about the...

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"The Mind when housed within a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of power." - Joseph Pilates