Surviving the Cyclone ~ emotional pain, anxiety, and depression (Part 1)

A few weeks back I wrote about pain, and told you about my mother’s experience with acute pain after her surgery, and the power of meditation to effect this. I also made a guided meditation, you can access it here. While I touched on emotional pain, and relayed how meditation is good for both emotional and physical pain, I wanted to go a little deeper, because I believe this is an important topic. 

Emotional pain can be complex, and potentially one of the most challenging territories we navigate as human beings.

To recap from my last post, our experience of pain includes primary pain~ the pain itself, and secondary pain ~ which is the brain trying to understand our experience.

Secondary pain can get a bit dubious when it comes to emotion. This is because internal and external stimuli from our environment can trigger neural pathways in the brain that make old and unresolved pain feel as if it is happening in the present moment. I’ll get into this more next week,...

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